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"menampilkan file folder yang disembunyikan virus"

*Need help locating this file - Microsoft is reporting my site as unsafe? (updated, there is a virus)
Below is a message from several of the people that have gone to the site and tried to enter. I have several other sites, and this one was created for totally different topics unrelated to the original site. All of my other sites work just fine with no
Colonel Chong Soua Yang (Kau Lo Nia Txooj Suav Yaj )
Vang Pao & Colonel Chong Soua Yang Mloog tau part 1 MLoog part 2
B: Updating Your Game Software
problems downloading updates? by develish1 First things first, you need to have your game set to look for downloads or nothing will happen. To get the download message to pop up, first start your game, but don't log in yet. Click on
Google Redirect Virus
I am experiencing a problem on my internet explorer where if I do a Google search and click on a site I am redirected to an unrelated website or am displayed search engine results from I have run AVG anti-virus free, spyware doctor and
Can I delete images from my 'root' folder?
Hi! I'm new and I was wondering if it's possible to delete images i've uploaded? I like to be organized and not have re-uploaded pictures I don't use, so how do I delete uploaded pictures?
Importing file in selenium rc?
Hi, There are some of limitation of selenium tool which is not supported in current release and resaerch/development in going on it. One of them is file upload functionality. The upload functionality is working fine in ide during recording and
Export users/profiles to Excel file or CSV file
Would you please add an option in Admin CP to export Users' list and include all profile fields (prefixed and castomized) - to a file (xls or csv is standard...)
Virus on Forum **
Well we've had another topic, but some moderator immediately closed/solved it like 2 minutes after we said our thank you for the help. Now we have to make another... Okay, We've had problems from another forum for months now.. They will not leave us
Please Help! A Virus On My Forum!
Okay, I have this forum virus called "B55", and I have 2 people joining my forum named "Paper Mouse" and "Raymond", what's happening! Here's my site: They said that my forum have
Calling application's js file inside selenium RC
HI, There is global variable stored in javascript in the application? It is saved in file adminSys.js? How can i call this file inside my selenium java script and access values from it?
frostwire virus?
i installed frostwire about 3 weeks ago and uninstalled it since my computer started to process slow...but when i uninstalled it,the java program still appears everytime i turn on my laptop and also my computer still process slow compared to when it was
Virus not sure
im not entirely sure what it is but something is slowing my computer down and when I click on something Ive searched (like for example if I googled something) it will direct me to the wrong page. I have to click the link 4-6 times before it sends me to th
possible virus
some antivirus thing popped up randomly on my computer, but i didn't get a good look at the exact name because I was trying to get out of it. Here is my hijack this Log: thanks! Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 10:24:25 AM
Help Java script virus!
I have a virus on my forum: JS/Dldr.Agent.Agr.1 Could you help me to resolve this problem? Forum adress:
File upload Issue
Hi Everyone, I am struck with an issue of file upload, i m using Selenium RC with Java, the file upload fields are described below:::
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